2001 Conference (May 27-29)

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Brent Cameron

PLAYSHOP: Time and the Observer




It is in this world of ever increasing speed, as travel or computation, and ever diminishing increments of time, as schedules or nanoseconds, that it is more important than ever to find one's still point. Science seduces us into believing that the center of the universe is ever further away, currently 15 billion light years away, yet it was Einstein who brought the center of the universe back to the experience of the observer. It is each one of us that is the center of the universe. Experiencing some simple experiments will allow us, unequivocally, to experience the paradox of living that makes the simplest thing in our life the most difficult. Our search for answers, our quest for enlightenment takes us on convoluted journeys and adventures of great difficulty, all the while overlooking the simple journey home. Finding the path home, discovering presence is an essential paradigm shift.

How does one shift paradigms? If one is a fish, how does one become aware of the water one swims in? And how and why do we crawl up onto the land and into the air of a new paradigm? As humans we swim in the water of our language without realizing it. The membranes and boundaries of one's paradigm all reflect back on the logic contained within the paradigm, as if we are living inside a bubble. Breaking through requires critical tensions, whereby one cannot find any reason to stay and becomes fascinated with glimpses of possibilities beyond and within.

This playshop will consist of two experiences; one of presence and one of duration. The path of presence is discovering the world view of the unconscious of getting inside of our thoughts and ideas to noticing who is noticing, getting to the center. Then in the second experience we will take this presence on a lifelong spiral journey, an elegant unfolding of this infinite presence in a unique pattern of growth. This pattern of life timeline will provide a stage upon which to imagine one's future and re-experience one's life path. The unique 89 foot spiral map will allow all participants new insights into the patterns of one's life. Enthusiasm is a sacred place for us all.


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