2001 Conference (May 27-29)

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Monique Giard

PLAYSHOP: Distinguishing Dimensions through Movement




In this playshop, we will explore with improvisation the meaning of interpersonal distance and personal, permeable, formed and reformed space. Through the dynamic architecture of composing space, we will see how we distinguish and select dimensions, and how these distinctions themselves reform the space. Something changes within us as we ground ourselves vertically and allow other realms of knowing to be expressed horizontally with others. From an internal image /sensation /emotion /thought shaping itself externally in space, rhythm, energy, and flow, one distinguishes and performs different co-evolving human and non-human perspectives as we move them. The "I" that dances is the "I" that extends to other selves reaching for our co-emerging passion and mystery. With this the "I" becomes less prominent and the other is fully realized in our co-creating dance. A willingness to let your body speak of life and its embodied corporeal dimensions is the only requirement for this playshop.


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