2001 Conference (May 27-29)

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Judith Lombardi

Behavioral Cybernetics:
A Praxis for Understanding Human Interactions




Research suggests that there are at least 3 possible paths for describing the escalation and de-escalation of behavior in human systems. This presentation will focus on a cybernetic model that I have developed over the years while teaching and working with educators, police officer trainees and clinicians.

Behavioral Cybernetics is a systemic process that offers a contextual technique that is observer central (thus more than just a technique. Since we are more than just rational beings) for ordering, understanding and responding (vs. controlling), any behavior that may arise in the relational space of human being. When emphasizing our rational characteristics, emotional awarenesses and creative intuitive abilities.

During the presentation, participants will explore meanings for these terms and processes for de-escalating behavior This praxis is heavily inspired by the works of Herbert Brun and Humberto Maturana.


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