2001 Conference (May 27-29)

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Joe Miguez and Tricia Pearce

PLAYSHOP: Knowing Recursion




This session will utilize the Labyrinth as a platform to experience the phenomenon of recursion as in a manner that distinguishes mind, body and spirit as different dimensions in a unity of living. The paradox of "the way in is the way out" will be experienced.

The experience is designed to generate echoing ripples of discovery. Rather than promoting well defined problems with clear solutions the session will foster a creative tension that opens opportunities for reflecting on existing concepts, assumptions and issues. The reflections themselves will take place in a in a dynamic, circular, manner which enables the continuous growth of a more insightful understanding in any domain. The process will be one of iteratively letting go, holding on, taking on and moving on. It will include movement, silence, journaling and conversation. It will also include play as we engage as friends with ourselves and with each other.

Participants will also learn how to make a seven circuit classical labyrinth that has practical application in personal, educational and organizational learning.


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