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Conference booklets are available

C:ADM2010 conference booklets

The C:ADM2010 conference booklets are now available to conference participants in hart copy at EMPAC. A PDF version of the C:ADM2010 conference booklet (2MB) can be downloaded here. The booklet contains profiles of the conference participants and various useful items, such as a conference schedule, floor plans of the EMPAC [...]

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Stuart Umpleby, a part president of the ASC, kicked off the first two of a series of discussions on cybernetics, its evolution and recent developments. Members contributed and discussed views and opinions, which were collected on a sticky wall and collectively arranged into clusters of similar concerns. This discussion will continue on the second day [...]

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The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center

The ASC’s 2010 General Business Meeting

Members of the ASC met on the morning of the 29th of July 2010 at EMPAC for the annual General Business Meeting of the Society. Ranulph Glanville, president of the ASC, presented the President’s Report to the [...]

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It has already been suggested that the first two conference themes are very similar and may be difficult to discuss separately. Combining them into one would make for two main conference themes:

cross-over processes: how we might cross-over between fields—metaphor, aesthetics, process? And what does it mean to be a trans-, inter- or meta-disciplinary subject?

actual and [...]

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There is a double bind in everyone of us. We want to rely on the known while desiring change for the better. It seems that established societies, businesses, academics and so forth get trapped easily on the conservative side of this: “Maybe we need a little bit of change. But we should really run things [...]

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I am curious if ideas for conversational topics that are embedded in comments to individual statements of interest will get central (organizer) attention as conference options. See, for example, Willie Yee, Robert Martin, Alan Stewart, Philip Guddemi and Christiane M. Herr. Or, is more work required on my part? Or, will [...]

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The standard you design and construct should both act as an introduction to you and a conversational point that may engender conversation between conferees.

Here is the technical specification. Your personal standard should:

—be on stable, free-standing stand. Should be portable during the conference.

—stand with height to top: between 4 and 8 feet from the ground (1.2 [...]

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We would like your suggestions on how the groups we will break into at C:ADM should be arranged. The following questions occur to us. Yyou may have more.

1) What size should groups be?

2) Should groups remain fixed (in terms of the people in them, or should they change members? If so, how often?

3) How should [...]

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Dear C:ADM2010 participants,

The material you have submitted for C:ADM2010 is very exciting, and I look forward to meeting all of you later this month!

I am writing to introduce a number of new resources on the web site. You will have heard of some of this from Ranulph. Some key points:


Before accessing the [...]

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Some participants have raised the question of whether they can supply video material to be screened during C:ADM2010. Despite the technical challenges involved in this we are keen to make this possible.

The management of EMPAC (our conference venue) will provide the possibility to run a video loop that contains all participant-supplied video material if [...]

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