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Organization (how?)

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Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics — A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation

C:ADM 2010 — International Conference
July 30 – August 02 2010
with surrounding events: July 29-30 and August 03-05
EMPAC: Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

Reviewed by Claudia Westermann
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Conferences often present a unique chance to become acquainted with the [...]

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C:ADM2010 by Lev Ledit and Judy Lombardi from ASC C:ADM2010 on Vimeo.

This is an initial rough cut.

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Schedule for the evening of Sunday 1 August 2010, Studio 2

This is the presentation schedule for the evening of Sunday the 1st of August, along with photos of some of the presentations.

Written By: candy on July 15, 2010 One Comment

It has already been suggested that the first two conference themes are very similar and may be difficult to discuss separately. Combining them into one would make for two main conference themes:

cross-over processes: how we might cross-over between fields—metaphor, aesthetics, process? And what does it mean to be a trans-, inter- or meta-disciplinary subject?

actual and [...]

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There is a double bind in everyone of us. We want to rely on the known while desiring change for the better. It seems that established societies, businesses, academics and so forth get trapped easily on the conservative side of this: “Maybe we need a little bit of change. But we should really run things [...]

Written By: ranulph on July 7, 2010 2 Comments

We would like your suggestions on how the groups we will break into at C:ADM should be arranged. The following questions occur to us. Yyou may have more.

1) What size should groups be?

2) Should groups remain fixed (in terms of the people in them, or should they change members? If so, how often?

3) How should [...]

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Dear C:ADM2010 participants,

The material you have submitted for C:ADM2010 is very exciting, and I look forward to meeting all of you later this month!

I am writing to introduce a number of new resources on the web site. You will have heard of some of this from Ranulph. Some key points:


Before accessing the [...]

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Some participants have raised the question of whether they can supply video material to be screened during C:ADM2010. Despite the technical challenges involved in this we are keen to make this possible.

The management of EMPAC (our conference venue) will provide the possibility to run a video loop that contains all participant-supplied video material if [...]

Written By: candy on June 25, 2010 5 Comments

I’m very much looking forward to the varied and (to me) unpredictable conversations I hope to have at C:ADM. I wonder if and how these will/should be structured. With topics or interesting threads arising spontaneously, should we provide any structure at all? How are we going to share conversations between larger numbers of participants? I [...]

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This blog is for discussing how the conference should unfold. To post and to comment, please make sure you log into your profile first. To get from your profile page to the blog, click the C:ADM2010 logo at the top left-hand side of your profile page. New posts are welcome and can be submitted via [...]

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