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  "the science and art of understanding"... - Humberto Maturana
  "interfaces hard competence with the hard problems of the soft sciences" - Heinz von Foerster
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  There are several professional societies in the field of cybernetics and systems theory. Below is a listing of such societies and other relevant organizations.

  The International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) is a a non-profit scientific and educational agency constituted of member organizations from a variety of countries. The overall purpose of the Federation is to advance cybernetic and systems research and systems applications and to serve the international systems community by:

  • coordinating systems research among member organizations;
  • organizing, supporting, and sponsoring research and development, international meetings, and workshops;
  • developing and promoting international publications in the area of systems research and applications;
  • developing and promoting programs and resource materials development in systems education;
  • defining and promoting standards of competence in systems research and systems education;
  • developing information on the knowledge-base in the cybernetic and systems sciences; and
  • coordinating programs among member organizations and providing assistance to them.

ASC is a member organization of the IFSR

L'Association Française de Science des Systèmes Cybernétiques, Cognitifs et Techniques
"L'AFSCET a pour but le développement de la recherche sur les systèmes complexes, cybernétiques et cognitifs, dans les domaines technologiques, économiques, biologiques, sociologiques et épistémologiques."

Conseil d'Etat, Place du Palais Royal, 75001 Paris

Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies (ASCS)
The Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies is a non-profit organization of scientists and practitioners. It was founded in 1969. Its aims are "the study of the theoretical bases of cybernetics and its special fields, the investigation of its applications on technical, economic and social problems, its relations to problems studied in the natural sciences and the humanities; furthermore, the education in the methods of cybernetics and its technical aids, especially in electronic data processing; finally, the advancement of interdisciplinary studies, and the representation of Austria in international organizations"


Control Systems Group
The Control System Group (CSG)is a membership organization dedicated to the application of William T. Powers' Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) to understanding the purposeful behavior of living organisms.


The Cybernetics Society UK
The Cybernetics Society is the UK national learned society and professional body promoting pure and applied cybernetics.

It holds scientifc meetings, conferences, and social events, and engages in other activities to encourage public understanding of science and to extend and disseminate knowledge of cybernetics and its associated disciplines. In particular, it aims to support the Continuing Professional Development of its members.

The ISSS is the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

"The ISSS is a broadly based professional society of scientists, philosophers, educators, futurists, humanists, business and policy practicioners, artists, writers, and many other professionals from diverse endeavors, who are drawn together by a common interest: understanding and interacting systemically with reality." (- ISSS Website )


Research Committee

(International Sociological Association)

It is the main objective of the RC to promote the development of (socio)cybernetic theory and research within the social sciences. Sociocybernetics is broadly defined here as including first- and second-order cybernetics, general systems theory, and various combinations and variations of these that can be subsumed under the term "the emerging sciences of complexity", to the extent these can be applied to the subject matter of the social sciences.


System Dynamics Society
The System Dynamics Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of systems thinking and system dynamics around the world. With members in fifty-five countries, the Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, consultants, and practitioners in the corporate and public sectors interact to introduce newcomers to the field, keep abreast of current developments, and build on each other's work.


World Organization for Systems and Cybernetics


The World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC) is a federation of national associations and institutions devoted to systems or cybernetics, with English, French and Russian as official languages. It was founded in 1960 by Professor J. Rose, who is now Honorary Director of the organisation. Dr Norbert Wiener is the President in Memoriam. The President is Professor Stafford Beer. The Director-General is Professor Robert Vallée.


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