Cybernetics ...
  "the science and art of understanding"... - Humberto Maturana
  "interfaces hard competence with the hard problems of the soft sciences" - Heinz von Foerster

The ASC Newsletter

LAST UPDATE: 13 August 2009

Patterns originated as a bimonthly newsletter supported by the Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory Network (STCT).

Effective with 2007, Patterns became the newsletter of the American Society for Cybernetics.

Patterns includes articles, interviews, book reviews, exchange of ideas and information not found in other journals.

ASC members receive Patterns as a benefit of their ASC membership.

Barbara Dawes Vogl

Barbara Dawes Vogl was the editor of Patterns for many years, and the newsletter's longevity and quality were direct results of her dedication to the publication and the topics it addressed.

Barbara retired as Patterns editor after completion of the Winter 2008 edition. Publication of Patterns was suspended after that issue was distributed.

We regret to announce that Barbara passed away in summer 2009.

A more detailed obituary summarizing her life and her many achievements can be viewed HERE

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23 October 2012
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