January 15, 2001

Dear ASC community,

In this, the fifth letter from the current executive, we invite you to register for the upcoming conference in Vancouver , and we have the sad task of sending you the obituary of one of our Trustees and well beloved members, Herbert Brün.

Conference preparations are progressing well. The conference (May 27-29) and associated events (May 23-26) are being co-sponsored by two local organizations, the Center for the Study of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of British Columbia and the Sweeney Family Charitable Organization. These partners make it possible for the ASC to use the university facilities and to accept donations from local sponsors.

Please register for the conference as soon as you can. Note that we can only assure a space for ASC members in the Remaining Human Public Forum if you pre-register.

About a dozen abstracts have been received by the posted deadline of January 15. Herewith we are extending the deadline for the receipt of abstracts to February 15. Although the ASC has often been rather casual in this respect, we really would like to have the abstracts in a timely manner so that we can distribute them, or preferably synopses of the papers, to the registrants with adequate time to read prior to attending the conference. Please feel free to submit to Pille Bunnell by email, fax or regular mail.

Due date for abstracts extended to February 15.

Our campaign to determine which of the people on our extended mailing lists still wished to be included has been successful - we now know who actually wants to receive notices. The registered membership is currently at around 100 persons, with another hundred or so remaining in the background. We have initiated "thank you" postcards so that people who send in dues will have a receipt and be acknowledged for their registration.




Pille Bunnell, President
Kathleen Forsythe, Vice President