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Contributions (what?)

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After some discussion, Art replies as follows to assert existence and usefulness of abstraction ….

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What: Conversation about the Conversation at Table X

Who: Jocelyn and Laura, Rapporteurs from the conversations at Table X at the closing dinner

When: Tuesday- Our goodnewsday!

Where: Jack’s Oyster and Port House in Albany, NY


2. Just an idea: in lieu of a 2011 ASCC (more on that below) conference, we suggest that we join in Heinz von [...]

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Ernst von Glasersfeld’s C:ADM2010 dinner speech

Here is a recording of Ernst von Glasersfeld’s C:ADM2010 dinner speech, recorded on the 2nd of August 2010 at RPI’s Russell Sage Dining Hall, with an introduction by Ranulph Glanville.

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Johannes Göbel’s guided tour of EMPAC

In the later afternoon of the 2nd of August Johannes Göbel, founding director of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, gave interested conference participants a guided tour of EMPAC, discussing artistic, architectural, acoustic, technical, logistic, technical, cultural and personal dimensions of this unusual project.

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Here is a growing collection of pictures of conference participants with their standards.

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Theme 2, Session 2: Fewer, developed questions and issues

In the morning of August 2nd C:ADM2010 continued to address Theme 2 of the conference: Actual and abstract: Moving from actual to abstract is understood; but how do we move from abstract to actual? What are the relations between models that are conceptual, computational and physical? how are the differences productive? To develop as well [...]

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Dear cybernetic people,

for the last six years, I worked about fifteen hours a day with a group of five to nineteen people on a computer game called Papermint. Papermint is a virtual world or more specific a social networking game. You play this game inside of an internet browser, where you see a 3D world [...]

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Paper publication in conjunction with C:ADM2010

We anticipate that all who are submitting papers for publication will wish to re-consider and re-work their papers in the light of what they learnt and the discussions they were party to, at the conference.

Here is the schedule for publication:

Noon (GMT), Friday 17 September: final drafts submitted
Noon (GMT), Friday 15 October: referees’ reports returned
Noon [...]

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A quote from Margaret Mead’s 1967 ‘Cybernetics of Cybernetics’

Here is a paragraph Margaret Mead contributed to the First ASC conference in 1967. It shows the importance, the interrelatedness and also the persistence and the ongoing challenge of the two themes we are addressing at this conference.

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Theme 2, Session 1: Questions/Issues

In the morning of August 1st C:ADM2010 continued to address Theme 2 of the conference: Cross-over processes / trans-, inter-, meta: how we might cross-over between fields – metaphor, aesthetics, process? What does it mean, to be a trans-, inter-, or meta-disciplinary subject?. Following a briefing by Albert Müller, the conference community split into self-elected [...]

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