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The purpose of the conference Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics — A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation (C:ADM2010) is to generate, from its conversations, new and surprising insights, understandings, and possibly artifacts. We are interested in creating the next questions rather than reporting on answers to the last questions.

Some participants may capture aspects of these insights, understandings, artifacts and questions in reworking papers they have chosen to submit for refereeing. But, for others, trying to capture the conference will be an important activity, in itself. For (a limited number of) these participants, a workshop will immediately follow on from the conference with the specific intention of determining how to capture the conference both as an event, and in terms of its outcomes, and arranging a schedule of involvement in this task.

We invite those participating in the public conference, who would like to take part in this workshop, to apply for one of the limited number of places: please look here and on the Statement of Interest form, in the spring, for details on how to sign up for the workshop. There will be no charge for the workshop, but attendees will need to cover their own accommodation and sustenance.

The model we have in mind is “Our Own Metaphor,”, Mary Catherine Batesons report on a discussion conference sponsored by the Wenner Gren foundation in 1968. Bateson s 1971 book was republished in 2004 by the Hampton Press. We anticipate adding some non-paper based media content from conference events. From these materials we will produce a book, with added media content, capturing what we believe are the major outcomes of the conference, in a record of the conference as a process of conferring. Workshop participants will decide on how, exactly, to do this. Paper publication will be as part of the series Complexity | Design | Society by edition echoraum, in Vienna.

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