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Paper Refereeing

Although this is a conference that values conversation between participants above all, we have made arrangements for those who need or want to submit papers, as follows.

Submission, refereeing and acceptance of papers.

The process of refereeing and publishing is a cumulative one that allows for continuous improvement of each paper, especially reflecting discussions at the conference.

Papers will be accepted in the first instance by blind refereeing of 400 word extended abstracts. There are 2 submission dates, giving a chance to rework abstracts. (19-Apr-2010 and 17-May-2010.)

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to post drafts on a conference blog site for open refereeing by conference participants. All comments and responses will be visible to all conference attendees. This is the second level of refereeing. (05-Jul-2010)

Final refereeing consists of listening to and including benefits from comments, encouragements and criticisms made at the conference, as well as incorporating new material found by the author as a result of his/her participation. (Publication details to be announced at the conference.)

Abstract refereeing panel

The refereeing panel for the initial abstracts will be composed of members of the conference organizing committee, who will, when they feel it necessary, elicit help from members of the International Advisory Committee.

Limitations on papers

Paper proposals must address, as a central concern, one or more of the themes of the conference. Proposals that do not explicitly address these concerns will not be accepted.

Final papers should not be more than 3000 words long, written in English (and corrected by a native speaker) and will be published in the journal Kybernetes. Layout and referencing conventions should be those used in that journal.

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