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To help focus the conference and contributions (including papers), we have initially isolated 3 themes and discussed them with conference participants in the run-up to the conference. A few days before the conference started, we have combined the first two themes into one:

  • cross-over processes: how we might cross-over between fields—metaphor, aesthetics, process:
  • trans-, inter-, meta-: what does it mean, to be a trans-, inter- or meta-disciplinary subject:
  • Cross-over processes / trans-, inter-, meta: how we might cross-over between fields – metaphor, aesthetics, process? What does it mean, to be a trans-, inter-, or meta-disciplinary subject?
  • actual and abstract: moving from actual to abstract is understood; but how do we move from abstract to actual? What are the relations between models that are conceptual, computational and physical? How are their differences productive?

Evenings will be left free during the conference for improvisation, performance and demonstration; and for impromptu workshops. Formal paper presentations may also take place in the evening.

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