cybo’s Entry

Viable Actors

The Society should apply Beer’s Viable System Model (VSM). You have your own experts and there is plenty of guidance on the web. It can be applied both qualitatively and quantitatively to support the innovation you desire.

Pask’s Interaction of Actors can be applied to develop new theories (e.g. see Gerard de Zeeuw Kybernetes 30 7-8). To choose content for the VSM structure Conversation Theory can produce an entailment mesh of topics or concepts from participant members and non-members which when pruned under a suitable goal or concept topic will yield an adaptive VSM hierarchy potentially free of ambiguity restricted only by the context of the Society and its unique perspective. Pangaro may be particularly helpful to you here. Green has written an illustrative paper applied to Upper Ontology (

Extensive use of the web should be made to this end.
Author is elegible for HvF Prize (aged under 35): NO

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