Judging Criteria

This is an open competition. Anyone and any collective may participate (using a pseudonym to ensure anonymity in the judging process).

This is an ideas competition. We are interested in ideas pertaining to cybernetic practices that may bring about, inform or transform cybernetic practices. Entries in text or image format are preferred. They are to be formulated as addressed to the ASC and its Executive Board with a view to bringing about, informing or transforming the Society’s practices. However, ideas by themselves will not suffice: we are looking for viable ideas, that is, ideas that come with a viable means of implementation.

These ideas will reflect the suggestion of Margaret Mead, that a society for the promotion of cybernetics should recognize and act according to cybernetic understandings.

We are looking for originality, to find ourselves interested and intrigued: in other words, for the sorts of ideas that will inspire and will renew. And we are looking for means of implementation (feasibility) that are clear and direct.

All entries must be made under a pseudonym.

Context Submission
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