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The ASC Constitution describes the functions and responsibilities of ASC officer positions in very general terms. The specific duties and responsibilities of ASC officers are subject to change and evolution over time.

This webpage provides some background information on the duties and responsibilities of certain ASC officer positions as specified at the current time. The positions described below are the core officer posts cited in the ASC Constitution. Other specialized positions created as designated functional Vice Presidents are not included in this summary.

These position descriptions are drawn from multiple sources.

NOTE: These position descriptions are posted as general background information for the interested reader. Specific duties and responsibilities are subject to changes as determined by the Executive Board.


  1. Represent the entire membership of the Society wherever the Society is addressed as a body; such as with the public, the press, other organizations, and legislative bodies. Address or direct any inquiries , requests, or offers made to the Society .
  2. Represent the best interests of the Society in the pursuit of its activities. Ensure that the interests of the membership as a whole are represented by the activities of the Society.
  3. Work with members of the Board and with the Trustees of the Society in planning, formulating, and presenting to the Board policies and proposals that will further the goals of the Society.
  4. Be responsible for implementing and enforcing the policies and programs formulated by the executive board
  5. Ensure that all the duties assigned to members of the Board are discharged as required. If a Board member is unable to discharge one or more of the duties of that position, ensure an explicit reallocation of tasks or appoint an acting position or committee .
  6. Preside as Chairperson at Executive Board meetings and at Business Meetings of the Membership.
  7. Keep the Board, Trustees, and Society Officers informed of the condition and operations of the Society.
  8. Present an annual report to the membership at the Annual Meeting or at other appropriate times.


  1. Aid the President of the Society in the understanding and clarification of past society activities and operating conditions.
  2. Offer consultation to Society Officers on matters relating to past society activities and operating conditions.


  When this position exists, the President -Elect shall:

  1. Accept responsibilities as delegated by the President and serve as an ex-officio member of all Society Committees.
  2. Assume and discharge all duties of the President in the event of inability or absence of the President to perform his or her duties.


  1. In the absence of the President or President-Elect (if he/she exists) assume responsibilities of the office of the President.
  2. Assist the President and any other member of the board as required .
  3. If the President is unable to discharge some of his or her duties, convene a special meeting of the Board to reallocate those duties.
  4. Arrange for the conduct of an Annual Conference by obtaining timely commitment from a Conference Coordinator and ensuring that a Conference Committee is formed. Coordinate and assist with the Conference Committee such that they are aware of and supported in all aspects of the planning and implementation and followup related to the conference.
  5. On a timely basis, alert the Board members to any t duties which should be discharged according to an annual schedule or within the cycle of the three year term.


The purpose of the office of Secretary is to provide an overriding infrastructure in which all of the ASC business matters can flow. This includes the archiving and cataloging of all business items as they arise, notifying other officers of pending items and tracking them until they are resolved. By acting in this manner, the Secretary remains abreast of all ASC business matters, past and present, and is therefore a source of information for the society. The Secretary's duties are as follows:

  1. Read all Exec emails, cataloging and preserving those with outstanding items.
  2. Track all items until resolved
  3. Provide communication and support to the executive office with brief overviews of relevant business matters
  4. Create, edit and archive all forms and letters used by the Executive officers for matters related to membership, merchandise inventories, announcements and membership drives.
  5. Take minutes for all board meetings and general membership meetings.
  6. Update the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) with relevant information. AAAS is the major spokesperson for science associations in the United States.
  7. Forward AAAS information, and other relevant societies, to the board as it comes in.
  8. Work with the Membership Chair and Treasurer to implement online tools and services relating to membership drives and conference announcements.
  9. Provide quarterly summaries of the Secretarial office activities for the executive body that can be posted to the ASC website and published in the newsletter.
  10. Coordinate with the Treasurer and Membership Chair on online registration / payment matters


The purpose of the Treasurer office is primarily the management of ASC funds. This includes paying bills, making deposits, balancing bank accounts and reporting pertinent money matters to the Executive Body. Since our financial business cannot be separated from the manner in which it is conducted, the Treasurer is also responsible for database aspects of finances in ASC's designated online registration / payment service providers, the product we are using for our membership and conference registrations. The Treasurer's duties include:
  1. Receive notifications of membership registration from ASC's designated registration service provider
  2. Review the notices to see if members signed up for any journal or purchased any products
  3. Send money to the journals and holders of the products as they are received which will alert them as the actions they have to make.
  4. Contact journals at the first of every year to ensure agreements are in tact
  5. Make sure products are still available for sale.
  6. Audit the registration service provider activity regularly to ensure payments posted to account reflect membership activity in the database. There have been problems in the past.
  7. Implement new registration service provider features pertaining to payment of funds (eg. Auto-deduction features, and auto-receipts,etc.)
  8. Assist the Membership Chair and Secretary as needed on online registration and payment service provider matters.
  9. Respond to member queries which might include, but are not limited to, refunds, membership status, information about the society or using links on our website and our designated online service provider(s).
  10. Provide quarterly summaries of Treasurer activities for the executive body that can be posted to the ASC website and published in the newsletter.
  11. Respond to member money queries
  12. Make sure name and email are posted on ASC's designated service providers and on the website as a contact
  13. Monitor ASC's designated registration and payment service provider site(s) as needed.
  14. As a master administrator make sure others have appropriate access to make reports, etc., including creating other master administrators.
  15. Pay editor of newsletter

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