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Written By: Site Administrator on July 3, 2010 No Comment

Dear C:ADM2010 participants,

The material you have submitted for C:ADM2010 is very exciting, and I look forward to meeting all of you later this month!

I am writing to introduce a number of new resources on the web site. You will have heard of some of this from Ranulph. Some key points:


Before accessing the Blog and the Participants list, you need to log in. On any page, click Your profile in the left column or Log in on the lower right-hand side to go to the log in page. This procedure is to maintain security from scamming and to provide privacy amongst the group.



Our website now has a blog. It is right on the front of the page at the above URL. From other pages on the site you can access it by clicking on the blog announcement in the News section in the right-hand pane. This is mainly for discussing how the conference should unfold. You are invited to contribute here and help us shape the conference using the blog. You are also invited to suggest your own topics, including general chat. You can add new posts to the blog via the [Posts/Add new] link near the top left-hand side on your profile page after logging in.

You can always get back to the C:ADM2010 website and blog from your profile page by clicking on the C:ADM2010 logo in the top left-hand corner of your profile page.


You may have noticed that under People/Participants there is a (growing) list of confirmed and unconfirmed participants, where confirmed = paid.

The participants list (visible only to those who have a C:ADM2010 profile and log in) gives access to all participants’ biographical and contact details as well as to their Statements of Interest and abstracts of proposed papers. Visit


I find this a fascinating list to browse! The Statements of Interest and the paper abstracts are particularly interesting. You are invited to review and discuss them on site by leaving comments directly underneath the respective texts.


Please make sure you enter all your data into your profile page and then click the ‘Update my Record’ button at the bottom of your profile page. Entering your short bio and ticking the events you want to attend will make planning and preparing the conference booklet much easier tasks. Some options are filling up fast.

All text accessible via the Participants page (Bios, Statements of Interest, proposed papers) are generated dynamically out of your input into your profile page. Any change you make to your submission will become effective and visible to others within the C:ADM2010 community automatically and immediately.


If you cannot see your PHOTO on your bio page, then you either have not uploaded a picture yet or you haven’t uploaded a picture of sufficient resolution. Please follow up accordingly and send me a quick note via email that you have done so (secretary@asc-cybernetics.org).


Draft papers can submitted using another new feature on the profile page: a text field for your proposed papers’ full body (besides the abstract that still goes into the original text field). The text body field has a limit of 20,000 characters (including spaces etc.), to make the overall volume of material available to C:ADM2010 participants manageable. If you wish to show illustrations in your draft, please contact me at secretary@asc-cybernetics.org. I will be happy to help.

You can modify your bio, Statement of Interest and paper abstract in your profile at any time. Thus, authors can continuously improve proposed texts (taking into account comments received); and the organizers can prepare a conference booklet more easily.


If you have not done so, please pay your registration fees via Acteva as soon as possible. To do so, go here:



If you experience difficulty logging into the site, I am happy to help any time. Some have noted that password recovery emails never arrive. This is probably due to spam filtering, which is out of our control. Again: Please contact me and we will sort things out easily.

Thanks and best regards,
Thomas Fischer (ASC secretary)

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