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Wonderful wonderful

Written By: Gary Boyd on August 5, 2010 One Comment


was  (is…)  a wonderful emergence experience for me.

It seemed to occur as much of or as more of

the beginning of a transformative adult education group undertaking

as a knowledge-sharing conference .

Anti-communication, and catalytic conversation

intertwined with rich autobiographical stories, and poems.

I felt a shortage of images and a need for better ways to capture conversations than my often intermittent aural memory.


let it be done again, with perhaps spme question answering session and more visual presentations

and more sharing of the very rich

potent cybernetic systemic science principles & techniques  we are

supposedly responsibly saving from decay.

Next Time maybe I can get some anticommunication to  guide

my abiding concern for “soulstuffs immortability” (see my ASC 2001 conference .ppt)

and  for “symviability” . (see www.symviability.org> which hardly exists at all yet.

As John Von Neumann wrote ” The object of the game is to go on playing it.”

andfas Stephen Potter wrote “ The use of useless in the do of doing lies.


Gary Boyd

P.S. re. Transformative Adult Edn. See Boyd, R.D. (1991) Personal Transformation in Small Groups.

Routledge N.Y  ISBN 0-415-04363-8

One Response to “Wonderful wonderful”

  1. ben sweeting says on: 5 August 2010 at 11:32 am

    Hi Gary, I too would have like some more visual things going on.. perhaps these would have been best as simple pin ups rather than power point presentations .. if we could have pinned up things in the coffee area we would have seen lots of interesting stuff from the very beginning (rather than waiting for it to be presented) and could have kept returning to it throughout the conference..

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