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the evenings

Written By: ben sweeting on August 5, 2010 One Comment

I really enjoyed the evenings very much – i think there was a very special atmosphere. i enjoyed the presentations much much more than in most conferences – where as someone noted the papers are really secondary to the coffee breaks – it was great to see some visual material (although maybe more could have been pinned up and on view all the time?) and to hear what people were passionate about. although the presentations were mostly fairly formal and traditional because they were in the evening it all seemed really informal; on the first evening i enjoyed drifting between the two venues via more impromptu occurances in the coffee area – it was a little like a festival.!

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  1. Art Collings says on: 5 August 2010 at 8:21 pm

    Collaborating to converse all day was a lot of work (and so was all the time spent waiting to converse …) , so it was relaxing to see the fun performances (aka presentations).

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