Public Conference

The main public conference on listening will take place between Thursday 11-Aug-2011 and Saturday 13-Aug-2011 (see conference program). It will consist of four conferring sessions in which participants will converse to find new questions pertaining to the conference theme Listening. These sessions will be facilitated and stimulated with two conversation starters:

  • In a world without listening, imagination would…
  • In a world without listening, groups and organizations would…

These proposed conversation starters may be changed and adapted as we approach the conference, based on feedback and suggestions we receive from our participants and advisors.

The conversation starters will be introduced to conference participants, who will then split into smaller conversation groups. After conversation sessions, the smaller groups will share their outcomes and new questions in plenary sessions at regular intervals.

Please note that (within the bounds of the theme of this conference) both the conference content and the conference format proposed here are subject to discussion and change stimulated by the conference participants. You are welcome to send the conference organizing committee comments and suggestions here.

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