Join Us

We invite you to join us at the 2011 ASC Conference on Listening and its associated events. To join the Conference on Listening (and, through joining, to apply to join all the associated events) you will need to fill in the statement of interest form. Please note that the ASC Meeting is only open to ASC Members.

You are most welcome to participate in this conference by joining its conversations. It is possible, but by no means necessary that you contribute a paper. Submission for workshops and performances is closed now.

Your invitation to this conference will be based on the acceptance of your statement of interest: What will you bring and how do you hope to benefit from the conference? To submit your statement of interest, you need to create a submission profile on this page by clicking into this button

This will take you to a page into which you need to enter a username (your own name, a nickname or something similar) and your email address. Then, click the “Submit” button.

After a few moments you should receive an email containing the username you have just chosen and a password. If you to not receive this email, please check your spam email folder. Automatically generated email messages tend to get lost in spam-filters. If there is indeed no message arriving at your end, please email the ASC Secretary to get your submission profile set up and your password emailed manually.

Once you have your username and password, click onto “Login“, enter your username and password, click “Log In” and follow the instructions given on the following page.

If you have any questions regarding the submission procedure or any other aspect of this conference, please email the ASC Secretary.

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