Your are welcome to join us and to contribute to this conference through your participation. The obvious way to participate is to join the discussions on the conference theme Listening during the central event, our Public Conference.

Each conversation session of the main event will include a 10-15 minute introduction of a topic for all conferees, conversations in small groups, and reports back to everyone on the outcomes of the group conversations. The tasks for each conversation group in each session will be to generate one or two questions.

Registration for our Public Conference gives you access to surrounding events for free: As a member of the ASC you are welcome to join the ASC’s Annual Meeting, including its General Business Meeting. You may be interested in joining our Pre-Conference Tutorials on (2nd order) cybernetics and you are also welcome to join the Post-Conference Study of works of Ernst von Glasersfeld and Heinz von Foerster.

You are also invited to contribute to the conference in other ways, for example by organizing a workshop, by giving a performance, by giving a talk/presentation or by volunteering to help with technical and organizational arrangements before and/or during the conference — in particular if you wish to register for the reduced (student) conference fee. Please feel free to email your proposal to the ASC secretary.

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