Submission of a paper is not a requirement for attendance, nor is it deemed desirable. However, we recognize some who will attend would like, or will need to publish a paper. We have, accordingly, made arrangements for these participants.

Papers submitted for the conference will be accepted on the basis of peer reviewed paper abstracts. There will be a special mechanism for presenting papers at the conference, and for improving accepted papers through a second peer reviewing process. Draft papers will be published for comment from the conference community on the conference web site a few weeks before the conference. We will give a fuller specification of this process later.

Final, refereed papers will be published in an established journal (the proceedings of the 2010 ASC conference will appear in Kybernetes volume 40 issues 9–10, late in 2011).

Details of appropriate and acceptable formats will be issued when all paper abstracts have been refereed. We will consider non-traditional presentations, and how to use non-print media, on individual merit, as they occur.

Please click here for more details of the processes of refereeing, presentation and paper revision.

*) We use a sign-in system, which allows participants secure access to their own pages on the web site.

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