Phillip Guddemi’s Details

President, Bateson Idea Group
Managing Editor, Cybernetics and Human Knowing
Vice President for Membership, American Society for Cybernetics


Phillip Guddemi

Phillip Guddemi

Biographical Info: I am an anthropologist by training, a student of Gregory Bateson and Roy Rappaport. I have also worked for over a decade in theoretical cybernetics using the ideas of Maturana and Peirce as well as Bateson. My interests have ranged from ritual and art to the ways human social systems and psychologies work, and to what sort of thing ecosystems might be and how human societies can relate to them. Like Bateson I am also interested in the modes of animal and human communication and, like Maturana, in the ways that empathy underlies and continues human social existence. Institutionally my roles include President of the Bateson Idea Group which is concerned with preserving Bateson’s legacy and intellectual heritage, Managing Editor of the journal Cybernetics and Human Knowing, and of course V.P. for Membership for the ASC.

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