Pille Bunnell’s Details

Adjunct Professor, Royal Roads University
Board and several Special Projects, SelfDesign Educational Foundation
sole proprietor, LifeWorks Consulting

Email: life.works@mac.com

Pille Bunnell

Pille Bunnell

Biographical Info: Pille has a background in ecology and ethology. She worked as a systems ecologist who specialized in the integration and explanation of complex concerns for domain specialists, policy makers, students, and the public. As the Director of Environmental Literacy with an international consulting firm she conducted integrative projects in the framework of Adaptive Environmental Management; dealing with concerns ranging from fisheries, wildlife and forestry, to land use management, energy use, and climate change. Since retiring from the consultancy she has shifted her focus to cybernetics, investigating the relation between complex systems, human understanding, and human activities. She teaches Systems Methods and Systems Thinking in a Masters of Environmental Management program at Royal Roads University.
After six years as President and Past President of the American Society of Cybernetics, she remains active with the society and serves on the editorial boards of Cybernetics and Human Knowing and Constructivist Foundations.

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