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Senior Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services


Supriya Kummamuru

Supriya Kummamuru

Biographical Info: I have 19 + years of experience in the IT Services Industry. I hold a Masters degree in Management Studies from Bombay University. I started my career in Tata Consultancy Services one of the worlds largest IT Services Organization. While at TCS I was introduced to the field of Systems Theory and Cybernetics. I applied these ideas and methods to several consulting assignments and conduct Training’s & Workshops in these areas. Some of the clients I worked with include Banks, Public Sector, Media, UN Organizations.

Drawing on this experience I have developed several offerings embedding the Systems Thinking & Cybernetics Concepts. I am currently registered with Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University pursuing my research on Organization design applying Stafford Beers Viable Systems Model.

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