Lisa Fay’s Details

Co-artistic director, Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Duo


Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman

Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman

Biographical Info: Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman are composing and performing movement-based theatre artists who apply complex composed structures to ordinary daily human behavior. Notated movement scores often accompany their productions. “Natural-looking” behavior is contorted and subverted, letting “naturalism” show its socially constructed face. They invent systems for movement and speech in theatre, as systems for sound have been invented for composing music, utilizing a repertory of gestural-choreographic innovations by the duo to cast a critical look at social life. These include the orchestration of instantaneous shifts of time and place in complex patterns. Together and individually, they have performed for the past 40 years, as a duo for the past 20 years, doing Artist Residencies and tours across the US, in Eastern and Western Europe, Mexico, Cuba and Korea, receiving National Endowment for the Arts and Illinois Arts Council fellowships. They are an ensemble in Network of Ensemble Theatres.

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