Elizabeth Simpson's First Workshop: Imagination and Listening Theatre Laboratory

11 Aug 2011 - 16:30

Incorporating Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, and other techniques, we will use prompted, improvisational movement and sound, guided by critical pedagogy, to explore themes related to the experience and interest of the participants, in light of the conference themes. (e.g. when we are not heard, when imagination is lacking or rejected) Outcomes will include experience with somatic learning, and critical pedagogy, increased sense of community, and strategies to address the issues explored. No theater experience is necessary.

Workshop facilitator: Elizabeth Simpson
Workshop duration: 1 hour

You can sign up for this event below (not more than once, please. You need to log on to this website first to access the sign-up interface). If you signed up and you would like to cancel, please email the ASC Secretary.

This workshop will be conducted in parallel with Philip Lewin’s workshop and Hugo Letiche’s workshop. Please choose one to take part in and do not sign up for more of these three workshops. You may mention your second choice out of these three workshops in the comment box below to mark where you would like to go if this workshop is under- or over-subscribed.

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