Elizabeth Simpson's Second Workshop: Imagination and Listening Story Circle

12 Aug 2011 - 16:30

Story circles are a participatory, egalitarian means to explore and identify emergent wisdom within a group. It is particularly useful for ‘sticky’ or non-linear topics that don’t offer a clear starting point for inquiry. Such topics can be personal or professional in nature. Grounded in personal experience, story circles can be used for learning, sharing/witnessing, research, and as a powerful form of decision making. During this session I propose to use a story circle to explore an question that rises from the conference activities prior to it. (e.g. in a recent workshop on Science and Society, we explored the use of personal affect in professional settings). Outcomes will include increased skill in attention, listening, and recursive learning, as well as increased knowledge and wisdom on the topic we explore.

Workshop facilitator: Elizabeth Simpson
Workshop duration: 1 hour

You can sign up for this event below (not more than once, please. You need to log on to this website first to access the sign-up interface). If you signed up and you would like to cancel, please email the ASC Secretary.

This workshop will be conducted in parallel with Aartje Hulstein’s second workshop, Mark Johnson’s workshop and Andrew Owen Brightman’s workshop. Please choose one to take part in and do not sign up for more of these four workshops. You may mention your second choice out of these four workshops in the comment box below to mark where you would like to go if this workshop is under- or over-subscribed.

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