Christine Welch’s Details

Principal Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Vice-President, UK Systems Society
Member, Informing Science Institute


Christine Welch

Christine Welch

Biographical Info: My name is Christine Welch. I live in Portsmouth in the south of the United Kingdom and I am currently Vice-President of the UK Systems Society. This reflects my interest in holistic approaches to problem definition and structuring. I am committed to critically-informed research, and have published a range papers and chapters in the field of Systems, information systems analysis and contextual inquiry. I am a member of the Informing Science Institute and the Editorial Board of Informing Science: International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline. This reflects my belief that our inquiries into human Systems should focus on informing and knowing as processes, and resist the notion that objective commodities (information; knowledge) can be defined or exchanged. I work as a Principal Lecturer in the Business School at the University of Portsmouth, where I teach Knowledge Management.

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