Daniel Rosenberg’s Details

PhD student, MIT

Email: d_rosen@mit.edu

Daniel Rosenberg

Biographical Info: Daniel Rosenberg is a trained architect, designer and researcher currently investigating how to design engaging, meaningful and enjoyable human experiences. Daniel graduated from the Catholic University of Chile with a Bachelor of Architecture (2003) and a Master of Science in Architecture (2005). Continuing his education at MIT, Daniel received a Master of Science in Design & Computation (2009), and is currently pursuing a PhD within Design & Computation while working as Design Manager of the MIT Museum Lab.

As a student at MIT, he has worked closely with Professor George Stiny and Professor Terry Knight developing research on design theory, specifically questions of how to design indeterminate building environments. He has also worked with Professor Edith Ackerman in the discussion of second-order cybernetics and its relation with design, technology and education. Daniel organizes and coordinates the students’ activities of the Design & Computation Group (DCG), involving the DCG Reading Seminar, the DCG Forum and the DCG Lecture Series.

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