Elizabeth Simpson’s Details

co-director, Creative Intervention Agency
Teacher/Organizer, School for Designing a Society

Email: ezb@creativeintervention.org
Website: http://www.ucpeopleshistory.org

Elizabeth Simpson

Elizabeth Simpson

Biographical Info: I strive to address oppressive dynamics in all forms by unveiling their manifestations in everyday life. To this end, I pursue descriptions of self-inclusive systems; by working with the conflicts and group dynamics of communities, organizations, and the brilliant people that populate them, by eliciting participation using critical pedagogy and collective inquiry processes (e.g. action theatre and story circles), and by recurrently reflecting on the social systems (personal, communal, societal, institutional) I am part of and my/our role in them. I am also a social/performance artist whose projects often solicit creative work by people who would not call themselves “Artists”.

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