Jacob Barton’s Details

teacher, student, performer, School for Designing a Society
Vice President, UnTwelve
Member, An Exciting Event

Email: udderbot@gmail.com
Website: http://jacobbarton.net

Jacob Barton

Jacob Barton

Biographical Info: Jacob A. Barton (b. 1985) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work focuses on microtonal practice and theory. Jacob studied music composition at Rice University with Karim Al-Zand, Kurt Stallmann, Edward Applebaum, and Art Gottschalk. In 2005, Jacob accidentally co-invented the udderbot, a DIY slide woodwind instrument, now his primary instrument. He has organized and participated in many collaborative performance projects which include the Seventeen Tone Piano Project, the Garden Performance Project, AquaTown: A Future Hydrohistory, the World’s First Udderbot Recital, and an Udderbot Marching Choir. Currently, Jacob performs with musico-puppetry collective An Exciting Event and teaches composition and social change at the School for Designing a Society in Urbana, Illinois.

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