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Email: michaelhohl@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hohlwelt.com/en

Michael Hohl

Michael Hohl

Biographical Info: I’m a designer and researcher working with digital media. I like making things, thinking about things, how we do them and what they mean to us. Currently I am exploring telematic technologies, calm technologies and ambient displays. A main interest is to understand how technology changes us, while we think we are doing something with technology. My work is about consciousness, perception and experiences of presence and connectedness among physically remote people connecting via the web.

What i am looking for: I want to learn about all the different ways of listening. Until now i mostly thought of listing in the sense of ‘mindfulness’, paying attention to the sounds that surround us. At last year’s conference i realised a new dimension: Making an effort to understand people. I realised that this is an active process. If we do not make an effort to understand another persons perspective, we will not understand.

My interests: Listening was a topic at the heart of my Phd research. I wish i could have spent more time on it. Admittedly the dimension of listening i was exploring in my thesis was more related to a John Cage’s or Stockhausen’s ways of ‘listening’, where we learn to become consciously aware of environmental sounds. Needless to say i also am interested conversational ‘listening’ in which minds connect.

What i may contribute: Some thoughts on the role of listening (the conference’s listening) in the different stages of research.

I hope to meet someone who knows more about Alfred Tomatis.

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