Wednesday evening performances

On Wednesday evening a series of performances were given by the Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Duo, by Mark Enslin and Susan Parenti as well as by ElizaBeth Simpson. Below is a video by Judy Lombardy and some pictures taken by Thomas Fischer.

Jeff Glassman performing "'Napse" Lisa Fay and Jeff Glassman Duo performing "Time and time again" Lisa Fay performing "Homeland" Mark Enslin introducing his piece "Unentitled" Susan Parenti performing "Unentitled"
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  1. mehitabel says:

    Is that Susan Parenti performing UnEntitled by Mark Enslin, with Jacob Barton turning pages?!?!?! This is an event years in the making! How can I get a recording? Do Jeff Glassman and Lisa Fey’s piece(s?) pictured above have titles? And ElizaBeth Simpson’s? Could those titles please caption the photos, and could videos please be made available? I am a would-be in a still lake of listeners waiting (clamoring!) for the ripple. Help me out!

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