Questions Arising from the Conference

Pre-questions: What is the self – Where is the self – Ifthere is no self – What is there – If there is no there…. WHAT IS (a civil society)

Johann van der Merve

Question to myself: did I understand the conference? was there a fit between the conference and me?

Philip Baron

If we are natural speakers – how can we become natural listeners?

Michael Hohl

What is the act of listening to listening?

Leslie Burm

How can we turn “what?” to “how?” (move from aims to acting)?

Ranulph Glanville

What is systemic listening?
Why? Empty? Open? Desire?

Peter Bednar

What can I do to raise the likelyhood of the conversations I have after this conference being like the conversations I have had within this conference?

Tim Jachna

An example of my question
How do I “why”?

Lisa Fay

From Attractors
How can we provide the environment to be able to transmit while being receptive?

Delfina Fantini

How do people from different professions listen and create the value they deliver cybernetically (e.g. the musicians)?

Supriya K.

What were my greatest moments of clarity and confusion?

Bob Helland

I want to put order into the world to make it better. I want to listen to the world’s disorder to keep myself entertained. Am I hopeless?

Thomas Fischer

What else do (composition, presentation, everything) have to be so that everyone is a composer and every composition is responded to with more composition?

Jacob B.

What can we do, not just talk about?
Where/Ho/When/Why must listening move to action?

Paul Pangaro

What methods, methodology and ontology do we need?

Mark Johnson

Choose one:
1) How is it possible to overcome the metaphor gap?
2) What possible world has the topology necessary to kick start a phase state transition to a Larry Richards-like society without purposively doing this?


Last year: How can I continue to resist becoming a cynic?
This year: How can I continue to resist becoming complicit?

Larry Richards

What is more, whatever, useful than a question?


How do you characterize the empty or open space?


What does the ASC offer that he people in it don’t?
What questions would I hear if people weren’t self-conscious of reading their questions aloud?


In what dimensions can I/we propose and accept constraints in order to provoke open, surprising and desirable outcomes in what other dimensions (A conversation of course, as to “what” in terms of dimension; and directionality?)


What are the meanings of listening in all of their dimensions and how can we discover and explore all of these meanings and dimensions?

Pauline Oliveros

When is listening civil disobedience and how to open a space for such listening?

Mark Enslin

How can I inite others to want what I want?

Judith Lombardi

What question is being asked in the world for which our way of thinking (called cybernetics) can provide an answer?

Allenna Leonard

How can I learn from the success and limitations of this conference to dream BIG about the next one. No, BIGGER than that.

Phillip Guddemi (and, this is for real)

“The personal is not the political” In what ways is this true? Please give cybernetic reasons for you answers.

Dai Griffith

How can we apply cybernetics to education? How can we apply cybernetics to be more empathic?

Elizaneth McGregor

What risks can I take in the coming year so that I move more rapidly out of my comfort zone? I trust that taking such risks will lead to desirable and helpful action in various domains – and make the world more fun even in the presence of power.

Robert Martin

Next question – “You must change your life.” – Rilke

Philip Lewin

Question: The universe generated with this small society: Is it different from its social structure? What nest of concepts gather together in the backyard of ethics? Desire, action, choice, responsibility, etc. Will we be going further in forming thinking at this location? What dimension or language needs to be invented in order to do this? As we tour over the coming years, might we present performances and workshop-events that make the connection between our work and other work from the range of cybernetics manifest? A tour of cybernetics informed art?

Jeff Glassman

How can the ASC engage parallels with other theories outside of hidden contributions of cybernetics in other research agendas? Can we trace them? Can we invite them? Do projects with them? Can we at least talk about them? Examples: George Stiny, Bruno Latour, Robert Wilson

Daniel Rosenberg

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