Philip Baron’s Statement of Interest

The topic of listening is of interest to me. Here are two spin offs which i am busy with and would love to explore/challenge in community with others:
1. Technology, the influence of technology on our communication. The experience of technology and the changes it brings in everyday life, including family life, religious life and psychology. For example, teenagers (and adults) and the use of mobile phones – should there be rehab for addicted phone users? Social media, Facebook etc. The love for technology and the time it takes away from other aspects of life like from family life and engaging with each other directly etc. Electronic devices (TVs, phones, PC etc) and the role they play in family life. The effects, the good the bad and the fancy. Where are we headed with technology becoming an end in itself? Let’s talk about the future life and our life styles. Are we happy/sad with the way we/our children/society operate and rely on technology? Are we heading for a superficial time where no one experiences authentic face to face encounters anymore? Electronic communication. The good stuff the bad stuff, the fun stuff. Are we spending too much time communicating with our electronics?
2. The levels of communication. Carl Roger’s emotional feeling. Feeling where a person is at. Personal experiences including those not so easily explained, like intuitive feeling and knowing. Just like super sports men/women there are people who have excellent abilities in perceiving people. Let’s discuss these abilities and maybe even try some of them. Maybe some magic will occur. On a serious note, profiling as a profession, how much is learned and how much of this is not – personal stories. One of the best profilers in South Africa talks of visiting the crime scenes and tuning in to the criminal. Many levels of listening. Personal experiences etc.
3. People are talking, emailing, texting, posting, tweeting, blogging – who is listening anymore?
4. Music appreciation.
5. Spiritual listening.
6. Dealing with blank faces, A student’s revenge to lecturers/teachers.
My interests are relational psychology, engineering, music appreciation, problem solving, cybernetics, ecological thinking.
I have a diverse background in engineering, psychology, IT.

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