Sylvia Rabeler’s Paper Proposal

Cybernetic Scrying: a painterly, “self-listening/else-watching,” spatial reasoning enhancement method

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and share a formal method for cybernetic self-listening; a process by which one expands their own cognitive self-awareness and rational processes while immersed in artistic expression.

Therapeutic scrying uses self-observed negative feedback, in an algorithmic manner, to accessing information available in one’s own semi-subconscious. It is an a-perceptive, iterative, technique which focuses on listening to, and seeing, information that is absent in the perceived environmental domain.

The scope of this document is limited to cybernetics and the arts. However, this methodology has potential for use in the field of clinical art therapy. The present research does not explore the empirical efficacy of therapeutic scrying.

Scrying fuses cybernetics and art to create a new tool for breaching mental blocks or boundaries in reasoning and creativity.

art, body-mind, cybernetics, feedback, listening, therapy

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1 Response to Sylvia Rabeler’s Paper Proposal

  1. Ranulph Glanville says:

    This could be really interesting, but it’s hard to judge from this outline. What will interest me will be how you develop the connections and the explanations. I look forward to these developments.

    For me, self-listening sounds very like the mechanism that I maintain is at the centre of designing (I would generalise that to our thinking, and specially to that thinking that is creative). I summarised that in my comments for Larry Richards’ paper.

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