Supriya Kummamuru’s Statement of Interest

Listening if perceived form cybernetics concepts would have the feedback and learning built in as opposed to just hearing. My interest stems from my area of research which is application of Stafford Beers , Viable Systems Model built on Cybernetics principles to Organization design. The research questions I would like to raise is do organizations listen to the needs of the employees , are there channels designed to listen and built appropriate systems to address them. My purpose in attending this conference is to see if there are any models which would share similar concepts which would help in validating my ideas or imbibing new ideas for my ideas. I am particularly looking at the knowledge intensive industry like software services, where the human variety needs are more than the machine variety. Broadly, Systems Thinking can help in designing organization structures and Cybernetics can help in designing organizational processes. All these should be integrated through a sound philosophical approach, which emphasizes deep and systematic understanding of the complexity underlying the organizational processes without the temptation to offer oversimplified check lists and heuristics, which invariably fail to take into account the complex dynamics of organization/environment and their interaction. This is basically my interest

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