Aartje Hulstein’s Details

Paediatric Physiotherapist, Treloar Trust, Alton, UK

Email: aartje@glanville.co.uk

Aartje Hulstein

Aartje Hulstein

Biographical Info: Aartje Hulstein, born in 1950 in Ede, the Netherlands.
I studied physiotherapy in the Netherlands. I took part in a postgraduate training in Rhythmical massage, Pressel massage and the Contact&Resistance Method, all in the field of Anthroposophical Medicine.
My approach towards physiotherapy became more holistic.
In 1994 I met Ranulph Glanville and became interested in second order cybernetics, went to conferences with him and met a lot of interesting people. I started to apply some of the ideas to my work.
In 1996 I moved to England and started work in a boarding school for physically disabled children, where I work as a physiotherapist. In the school I develop new ways of integrated working with all other disciplines. I use second order cybernetics to look at situations in a new light, this helps to be more creative with the very complex students.
Being married to Ranulph means living with second order cybernetics and applying it in my life.
The ongoing conversation between anthroposophy and cybernetics in myself enriches my life and work.
Last year I went to the C:ADM conference and ‘lived’ with my question ever since, it has taken me on interesting roads, including working on a chapter with Claudia Westerman for the post conference book.

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