Bob Helland’s Statement of Interest

I was the Heinz von Foerster prize winner in “Cybernetics of Cybernetics” writing competition. At the conference, I will be looking for understanding and guidance. I expect to meet people who have once once been where I now am and are able to pass on wisdom. I will be willing to listen.

Addendum: I will be arriving late Monday (8-Aug) and leaving the afternoon of Sunday (14-Aug). I re-arranged my trip departure date so as to be present for the discussion of “Cybernetics of Cybernetics” entries where I look forward to an open-air discussion of my submission “The ACRE Model”, a conceptual framework for disentangling our abstract human perceptions and conceptions from the near-objective, concrete, resource-laden world in which we exist.

In the interest of building new friendships and benefiting economically from sharing resources, I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone interested in sharing accommodations: I have booked a Quality Inn double-bed, smoking room (to be most inclusive, I do not intend to smoke but have no objections to those who would). My reservation is actually for 10-Aug (Wed) through 14-Aug (Sunday), due to my original trip plans. Anyone who wishes to discuss a shared opportunity is invited to send me an email to setup an arrangement. – Thank you!

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  1. Larry Richards says:

    Congratulations on the award, Bob.

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