Mark Johnson’s Statement of Interest

I guess we don’t usually go to conferences to listen! I may have honourable and good intentions about listening at this one – although I’m not sure I’ll manage it. But then I’m interested in why I (and most of the people I know) find it difficult. Some key questions occur to me:
….is listening difficult because it is organisationally difficult within my personhood?
…if so, is there a way of characterising the organisation of personhood which identifies the challenge of listening?
…and with such a characterisation, how might we have better control over ourselves to listen better?
…and finally, what does a world of ‘better listening’ look like? And do we want to live in it?

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1 Response to Mark Johnson’s Statement of Interest

  1. Larry Richards says:

    Mark, I look forward to seeing you at the conference. I enjoy listening to what you have to say, whether in Facebook or in person, but much more so in person. Larry

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