Leslie Burm’s Paper Proposal

Tie the Tie

The ambition of this paper is to demonstrate how my participation in the 2011 ASC Conference on Listening contributes to my field of interest and might contribute to the reflections of other participants.
Participants in the conference are asked to design a tie. I took this instruction as a starting point for a generative process.
The structure of my contribution, for now (10/05/2011), will be as following.
First I will give an insight into my design process of the tie in relation to my field of interest. I believe a kind of diary structure will suit the purpose. A pre-reflection can be found under the chapter ‘Before’
During the conference I will use the tie to interact as intensive as possible with people. I will keep trace of the information, the tie will be the mediator. My reflections on the fly will be communicated under chapter ‘During’.
A post-reflection on my experiences will be written down under the chapter ‘After’. This chapter should lead to insights which I will share under chapter ‘Conclusions’

2. Before
What is a tie?
I’m not that familiar with wearing ties. When I imagine a tie I see some kind of cloth that people wear around their neck. Some ties are small, some come in bright colours, some have beautiful prints, some are skinny, some are silent. Others are big, have dark colours, have no prints, make light, make sound.
So a tie could be anything you put around your neck ?
What does a tie ?
A tie probably descended from the Roman ‘Fascalia’. This was a piece of textile which was worn by orators to warm the vocal chords (1).
In a poem of Marcus Valerius Martialis we can read :
Quid recitaturus circumdas vellera collo? Conveniunt nostris auribus ista magis.
Why are you wearing a scarf when you are reciting? We could better put it around our ears !
So a tie should give some kind of comfort?
What does a tie say?
A tie has evolved into a symbol. This might be a representation of group, an idea, a fashion trend.
So a tie speaks if you listen.
What about the ASC tie?
On the website they state : The ties are to introduce yourself and your interests, to help engaging others in conversations and be worn throughout the conference. The ties will summarize how you see yourself and are a way in which you can make yourself known and entice others to join in conversation with you.
And what about my tie ?
For now, I say, it should – besides the requirements above – engage people in generating sounds. Sending and receiving through spoken language is one thing, making sounds is another.
3. During
This chapter will be generated during the conference.
4. After
This chapter will be generated after the conference.
5. Conclusions
This chapter will be generated after the conference.
1. http://lostsymbolweb.blogspot.com/2009/09/chapter-one-fascalia-cravats-and.html

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2 Responses to Leslie Burm’s Paper Proposal

  1. Aartje Hulstein says:

    I am curious about further developments of the tie, are you still looking along the same path or has a conversation between the tie and you developed?
    Looking forward to meeting the tie and maker,


  2. Ranulph Glanville says:

    I’m surprised that you don’t want to work with or develop the before section you’ve given us.

    I’m not sure where this is going, or how it relates to listening. Perhaps it might be worth considering this and considering whether the idea needs reworking. I’m not saying it does. I’m wondering.

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